14 Arizona Winter Activities To Do With Friends and Family

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern


Photo: Pixabay


Arizona has a unique winter season. The northern half gets snow and the southern half doesn’t, which, in my opinion, makes it the best of both worlds! If you live in the valley and want to play in some snow, you can drive a couple hours to see it. If you want to get out of the snow, you can come down to the valley for a snow free vacation. I’ve jokingly called Arizona Christmases a “Brown Christmas” before since we don’t get snow or changing leaves in the valley. But just because it doesn’t look like a typical white Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate like one! Here’s a list of all the fun winter activities you can do in Arizona specifically.


Arizona Winter List:

  1. Decorate a cactus- Remember, it is illegal to cut down a cactus in Arizona. But you can buy a cactus here, or fake ones here. Put a Santa hat or star on top and wrap it in colorful or white lights! You might even be able to hang a few ornaments.
  2. Go to the Schnepf Farms Christmas party
  3. Have a summer in December party- the opposite of a Christmas in July party
  4. Ride the Polar Express!
  5. Go to the Phoenix Zoo Lights and more Arizona events listed here.
  6. Go skiing in Flagstaff
  7. Go hiking
  8. Go to a farmers market and buy some local oranges
  9. Make orange juice from local oranges
  10. Take a family picture by the cotton fields
  11. Cut down a Christmas tree in Arizona (with a permit)
  12. Volunteer! See a list of places you can volunteer at here.
  13. Go to an Arizona ice skating rink, including the Cityscape ice skating rink in downtown Phoenix that is only there during the holiday season!
  14. Go on a sleigh ride!


For more winter activities, recipes, and articles, search Fill Your Plate’s blog!

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