Let’s Get Saucy!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

The month of March is Sauce Month, so what better way to celebrate than with a list of tasty sauces! The sauce is an all-important condiment that adds flavor, spice, tang, and texture to dishes. It can be sweet, savory, or somewhere in the middle; and it can be spicy, creamy, or a mixture of both! In fact, sauce really is the ultimate addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

We all know that one person with some sort of secret sauce recipe that everyone loves. Well after today, you are going to be that person! Whether it’s birthday parties, neighborhood gatherings, Christmas, or just a night in with the family, you will make the sauce recipes found here your own. (Just be sure to be nice and actually give the recipe out at the end of the night!)

This list of sauces is broken down into categories for your browsing pleasure, so take a look and see what you can find!

Ketchup in glass dish on background of red tomatos. Close-up. Studio photography.

Sweet Stuff:


Sauce for Pasta:


Sauce for Meat Dishes:


Sauce for Seafood Dishes:


Other Sauces:

These tasty sauces will keep you cooking the whole month through! If you don’t see your favorite sauce recipe here, make sure to leave it in the comments so everyone can enjoy it! Also, share these recipes with friends, and check back soon for more recipe blogs!

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