In-Season Smoothies

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

We are officially in the 100-degree-temperature range here in Arizona, which means searching for new and creative ways to keep cool. One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is to make smoothies.


Smoothies make a great breakfast, an awesome snack, and even a light dinner if you’re not too hungry. Plus, you can customize them to whatever your taste is. If you like tangy, add orange juice. If you like creamy, add a little vanilla flavored almond milk. The possibilities are endless, and the health benefits are not to be missed! With all the Arizona produce in season over summer, you’ll never make the same smoothie twice!

  1. Apricot Smoothie


  1. Blueberry Smoothie


  1. Raspberry Blackberry Smoothie


  1. Nectarine Sunshine Smoothie


  1. Apple Carrot Smoothie


  1. Honeydew Melon Smoothie


  1. Peach Smoothie


  1. Fig Smoothie


  1. Sweet Spinach Smoothie


  1. Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie


  1. Blueberry and Chia Seed Smoothie

These smoothie recipes are just the beginning. Mix and match fruits and veggies that are in season to create the ultimate healthy breakfast or snack. Don’t forget that you can add things like chia seeds, flax seed, coconut milk or water, and cinnamon to make your smoothies even tastier! Also, head over to Fill Your Plate to see a full list of fruits and vegetables that are in season!

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