GMO Educational Effort launched by Leading Government Agencies

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director


Led by the Food and Drug Administration, a multiagency effort to educate consumers about genetically modified (GMO) foods through a new “Feed Your Mind” initiative launched last month to much fanfare. The initiative is part of the GMO labeling bill that passed Congress in 2017.


The Environmental Protection Agency and USDA are collaborating on the new program. The new initiative “aims to answer the most common questions that consumers have about GMOs, including what GMOs are, how and why they are made, how they are regulated and to address health and safety questions that consumers may have about these products,” FDA said in a news release.


The Feed Your Mind website includes a video that quickly explains what 10 crops are genetically modified and includes a couple downloadable PDFs that cover consumers most common questions about GMOs and GMOs and your health.


Congress allocated $7.5 million in funding for the initiative.

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