Get Down with Dairy this Month

Eat dairy in June in honor of National Dairy Month (Photo credit: whole foods)

June is National Dairy Month and organizations including the International Dairy Foods Association, the National Dairy Council, and the Dairy Council of Arizona are working hard to promote dairy’s place in a healthy lifestyle.

Dairy products of all kinds play an important role in a healthy diet.  Filled with calcium, potassium, and protein, dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and even ice cream can help with managing weight, building and maintaining strong bones, and lowering the risk of certain cancers.   Dairy products provide 9 essential nutrients and help maintain healthy skin and strong muscles.

Locally, the Dairy Council of Arizona has great activities and events planned across the state for this year’s “30 Days of Dairy.”   By partnering with some of the best chefs, businesses, and dairy farmers across Arizona, the Dairy Council will be working to both raise awareness and provide retail discounts for consumers.  Events include a search for Arizona’s Next Top Dairy Chef, Moooving Milkshake Shops that will pop up at different locations throughout the state, and specials at grocers throughout the month.

If you have a favorite dairy recipe, you can share it on the Dairy Council’s site for a chance to be named Arizona’s Next Top Dairy Chef.  Also, share it with us here, too! We’d love to try your family’s favorite dairy recipe, too!

Wondering where the next Moooving Milkshake Shop will pop-up?  Check the listing on the Dairy Council site to find a location near you.  Don’t miss these special milkshakes created for the event by some of Arizona’s best celebrity chefs.

You can also celebrate National Dairy Month by working hard to get in your three-a-day dairy recommendation with some of these great recipes from Fill Your Plate.

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