6 Ways to Celebrate National Hamburger Month

Pyramid's veggie burger

Pyramid's veggie burger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get your grills going and get ready to pay homage to one of America’s most beloved foods, the burger.  May is National Hamburger Month and here in Arizona that means another great opportunity to take advantage of the wide array of locally grown meat and produce.   Whether you are shopping at the farmer’s market, going direct to a farm store or farm stand, or grabbing your groceries at the grocery store, the available options for making great burgers from local ingredients are almost limitless.

Here are some great ideas for celebrating National Burger Month.

1.     Southwestern Style

Celebrate the hamburger by serving up a batch of Sonoran Burgers.  Start with locally raised Arizona beef and fresh cheese from a local dairy.  The recipe calls for several different kinds including cheddar, mozzarella, and pepper jack.  Grab a handful of green peppers and roast them on the grill while your hamburgers are cooking for the best flavor.  Top with fresh tomatoes and crisp lettuce for a delicious southwestern style hamburger.

2.     Better with Bacon

Most people would agree that everything is better with bacon and when it comes to hamburgers, there is no question.  Try the Rasher/Buckboard Bacon Burger using locally raised pork and bacon.  Top it with fabulously fresh Arizona grown onions, avocados, tomatoes, and lettuce.  Great alternative for a no-beef burger!

3.     Veggie Version

Go for a totally new kind of veggie burger and make Zucchini Patty Burgers.   Made with fresh zucchini, onions, green chilies and cheese, you can top this burger with your favorite toppings for a meat-free burger worthy of National Hamburger Month.

4.     Small Sliders, Big Flavors

Make up a batch of bite size burgers and serve them with a variety of toppings featuring the best flavors found in Arizona.  Fill your topping bar with fresh produce like avocados, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce and a few less expected options.  Turn Avocado and Tomato Salad into a tasty spread for sliders.  Spice it up with freshly diced chili peppers or go for something totally unexpected with Cantaloupe Basil Salsa.

5.     Mexican Style Flair

Combine Hamburger month with the month of Cinco de Mayo and serve burgers inspired by Mexican flavors.  The Sonoran Burger above fits perfectly into this theme.  Top tasty beef and chicken burgers with different kinds of salsa including Corn and Black Bean Salsa.  Make a Chicken Enchilada Burger by topping a grilled chicken breast with Chicken Enchilada Dip.

6.     Burger Bar

Build a hamburger bar offering burgers featuring the best meat Arizona has to offer including beef, pork, chicken, lamb and even goat.  Add a selection of cheeses from soft to spicy.  Provide a wide array of toppings ranging from traditional condiments to special spreads.   Try Jalapeno Pepper Dip or Artichoke Dip for something completely different from the same old ketchup and mustard.

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