Fall in Love All Over Again this February…with Beef

Celebrate Heart Health Month and fall in love with beef

February is the month of love and romance and given Americans’ love for beef, it is the perfect time to celebrate I Heart Beef month.  According to a survey by the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, Americans associate love, romance, and celebrations with beef more than any other protein.

  • 62% of Americans choose beef for their Valentine’s Day dinner because nothing says I Love You like a great steak dinner.
  • When asked what protein they most associate with love, romance, and passion, Americans choose steak more than any other protein with 44% saying it is the best match for love, 42% for romance, and 41% with passion.
  • The cut of steak we like most on Valentine’s Day is a ribeye followed closely by a T-bone.  However, when asked which food they associated with a candlelight dinner more than any other, more than half picked filet mignon.
  • Filet mignon was also selected as the best way to say “I Love You” more than half the time.
  • When it comes time to celebrate, we reach for beef above all other proteins choosing it 50% of the time.  Chicken comes in a distant 2nd with 18% of the vote.
  • If we are planning a dinner meant to show our gratitude or appreciation for a loved one, we pick beef 62% of the time.

As you make your plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that 61% of Americans would rather be treated to a good meal than given a gift (34%), card (25%), flowers(25%), or chocolate(21%).   And if you are looking for love, keep in mind that almost half Americans choose a meal featuring beef as the best way to start an evening of romance.

February is also Heart Health Month and lean beef is a great source of protein, iron and zinc.  The American Heart Association’s Food Certification Program has given three cuts of beef its heart-check mark which helps consumers identify foods that meet the AHA’s heart healthy criteria.  This is great news for beef lovers who are watching their weight or worried about their heart health.

This month, the featured Celebrity Chef on Fill Your Plate is Dave Zino, the executive chef for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.  Find out more about Chef Dave and his passion for cooking with beef here. (link to Celebrity Q&A page)

Celebrate I Heart Beef Month by making one of these great beef dishes from the Fill Your Plate Recipe section using locally raised Arizona Beef.

If you search for Beef on Fill Your Plate, you will find 20 to 25 beef producers that can sell you beef directly.  To find a place to get locally raised Arizona beef near you, check the Find a Farm Product section on Fill Your Plate.

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