6 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special without Spending Much Money

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

This Valentine’s Day, there are many things you can do to make it a special day without spending too much money. The list is endless of things you could do, but we’ve listed some creative options below. Since Arizona celebrates its 100th Birthday on Valentine’s Day this Year, you could take your honey on an Arizona sight-seeing tour, too!

1.     Make Reservations….At Home

If your spouse does most of the cooking, this might be the most romantic gift you can give.  There is a reason so many early dates consist of one person cooking something special for the other.  When someone prepares a meal for us, it shows us not only that they care about us but that they can care for us.  Pick a few things your partner will love and show them they are worth all the time and effort it takes to make them a home cooked meal.  If you aren’t an experienced cook, make sure you practice your recipes before the big day to avoid becoming a cliché.

Here are some great recipes that feature local Arizona ingredients available at your grocery store or farmer’s market.

2.     Create Your Own Coupons

Show your special someone that you care all year long by creating a personalized book of coupons just for them.  Spread the love by making certain coupons only good during specific months.  Cater to the meals they love most, the hobbies they enjoy, and the activities they wish you wanted to do with them and you will give them a gift more precious than any money could buy.

3.     Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt

Bring back the blissful memories of new love by sending your sweetheart on a scavenger hunt that lets them revisit the memorable places from the beginning of your relationship.  Start with the special place where you met or had your first date and let each clue lead them to the next location.  With some forethought and pre-planning, you can make a memory more valuable than money when they finally find you, the treasure at the end of the hunt.

4.     Let Them Know All the Reasons You Love Them

Check the your local grocery store for a couple boxes of inexpensive cute kids valentine’s day cards and then write one reason you love your partner on each card.  Hide them all over the house, in the car, and anywhere else your partner spends time.  The initial finding will be fun, but this gift goes on and on as there will be little love notes that won’t be discovered for weeks or months.

5.     Check Things Off Their List

Most people have a list of things their significant other has asked them to do that they just can’t ever seem to get to.  For some people, acts of service, like checking things off their list, are more valuable than any flowers and more meaningful than any amount of money.   Show them how much you love them by secretly completing some of the higher priorities on the list and surprising them with your progress on Valentine’s Day.  Nothing says I love you like checking things off your “honey do” list.

6.     Take a Time Out

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, no one has enough time to do everything that needs to be done.  This makes time the most meaningful gift you can give your partner.  Rather than spending money you both will have to work hard to replace, take a time out together.  If you can, schedule a day off from work and spend the day together doing whatever you want.  You might go for a hike, take a long drive, window shop, or anything else that lets you spend quality time together.

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