Young Arizonans Like Rebecca are in the kitchen more for health reasons, but also to celebrate family and good food.

A survey sponsored by ConAgra Foods finds that younger consumers are more interested in cooking than the general population. The survey shows that 72 percent of those between the ages of 18 to 34 said they will cook more, while 52 percent of all survey respondents said they plan to cook more in the coming year.
One reason younger consumers are more interested in cooking may be that it increases quality family time. A whopping 81 percent said cooking is bringing their family together, compared to just 68 percent of the general population.

Rebecca Stinocher is one such young cook excited about cooking more meals at home. Though motivated more for health reasons, 25-year-old Interior Design specialist Stinocher knew cooking more of her own meals would help stretch her budget. “I was going broke eating out and once I started cooking it was fun having friends over. Cooking creates a nice time for gathering with friends and family.”

It’s not an uncommon trait to find young Arizonans cooking more. Stinocher always helped around the kitchen when she was young, but it’s been in just the last year that’s she’s discovered a love of cooking. “I’ve been learning a lot more about healthy living and so as I cooked my own meals I discovered I really like to do it.”

Arizona Farm Bureau is trying to help out with this new enthusiasm for cooking. The organization’s Fill Your Plate features more than 130 recipes through its searchable recipe database and also releases quarterly “Stretch Your Dollar” Menus to help families focus on food items that are down in price.

For Stinocher, it’s not just about family and saving money, it’s a lifestyle change. In the end, she’ll gain the aggregate of all three benefits: family gatherings, savings and good health.

Adds Stinocher, “There really isn’t a better feeling than sitting down and eating a meal that you prepared with friends, or your family!”

About Arizona Farm Bureau

The Arizona Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving and improving the Agriculture industry through member involvement in education, political activities, programs and services. As a member services organization, individuals can become a member by contacting the Farm Bureau. Go to to learn more. For information on member benefits call 480.635.3606.

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