Will the World Population Overwhelm the Earth’s Capacity to Grow Food? -The Conservation Conversation

In 1970, the world’s population was about 3.3 billion people. In 2010, the world population was around 6.6 billion people. At current growth rates, the world’s population will surpass 9.4 billion people by the year 2050 (that’s less than 40 years away!!).  And in less than 100 years, the amount of people consuming food on planet Earth will increase by 6 BILLION more people. Meanwhile, the size of planet Earth doesn’t change. “While we’re busy making more people, Mother Earth isn’t making any more farmland.”


“Is this sustainable?”


Farmers who grow our food were asked that very question- Is this sustainable?


The answer might surprise you.  This video called “The Conservation Conversation” was created to answer that question and more. 





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