What Flavor Ice Cream are You?


What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about you? (Photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com

Everyone likes different things and this is especially true when it comes to ice cream flavors Some like to stay traditional and stick with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.  Others like to live on the wild side and are willing to try whatever new flavor comes along including flavors like bacon and even beer.  But did you know that the flavor ice cream you favor and your personality traits may be linked? That’s what ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins thinks after the results of a study they conducted earlier this year.

The study looked for links between people’s favorite flavors of ice cream and their personality traits.  For example, how often a person acts on impulse and whether or not they are charming.  The results showed that there are some common flavor/trait combinations and that what kind of ice cream you choose to fill your cone can actually say a lot about you.  Here is a list of what some of the most common flavors say about the personalities of the people who choose them.


You might think that vanilla indicates someone who is boring or likes to play it safe but that is not necessarily true.  People who choose vanilla are colorful risk takers that act impulsively and trust their gut. They are also often idealists with a strong connection to their beliefs and values.  They are good at setting goals and then working hard to achieve them.


Those who favor chocolate over all the other flavors are often the ones putting the “D” in drama queen.  They are flirtatious, charming, and full of energy but may fall prey to the manipulations of others because they tend to believe more than they should due to their gullibility.


Picking strawberry indicates that a person is logical and a careful decision maker.  Often shy and reserved, they are more comfortable operating behind the scenes than they are being the star of the show.  They are thoughtful and cautious but once their guard comes down they are supportive of and very loyal to the ones that they love.

Chocolate Chip

Those who choose chocolate chip as their favorite flavor are the socially savvy butterflies lighting up the room with their enchanting personalities.  They are also competitive and accomplish great things because they are not afraid of putting in some hard work to get what they want.  Despite being very ambitious, this group is also very generous and unlikely to take their friends and family for granted.


Flirtatious with a flair for the dramatic, coffee ice cream lovers live for the moment.  They are passionate about everything they do which can cause lives that are overflowing and a schedule that is over-committed.  They are easily bored with routines and are always looking for the next new and exciting thing.

Rocky Road

Choosing Rocky Road shows that a person is a blend of indulgence and practicality.  Like the flavor itself, these people mix charm with common sense and can be outgoing when needed without being over the top.  Goal oriented and aggressive in business, they prefer to be encouraged instead of criticized.

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