How to Make Your Own Popsicles

Best non-toxic ice pop molds

Follow these tips to make refreshing homemade popsicles this summer. (Photo credit: Growing a Green Family)

Summer’s here, schools out, and there is no better way to beat the afternoon Arizona heat than a cool, refreshing Popsicle.  But if you are working hard to help your family eat healthy and cut down on sugary sweets, the popsicles you find in the store might not seem like a great way to offer your family this kind of treat.  With a little extra effort, you don’t have to give up your favorite flavor Popsicle in favor of healthier fare.  By making your own popsicles, you can control the ingredients and create fun, delicious flavors that are full of healthy ingredients and hydration.

Making popsicles is really easy and generally takes very little time.  It is also possible you have everything you need already in your kitchen.  There are also a wide range of fun, creative, and super delicious recipes available for making these tasty treats at home.  Since they are easy to make, this can also be a fun way to spend some time with the little people in your life.  Just remember, if you pick more complicated recipes or choose ingredients that require a lot of effort to prep, you will need more time to make your popsicles.

To make popsicles, you will need some kind of popsicle mold, popsicle sticks, a recipe, ingredients, a blender, and a freezer.

Popsicle Molds and Sticks

When it comes to popsicle molds, you can go as simple or as sensational as you want.  If you are looking to spend as little money as possible on your summer snacks, start where you store your Tupperware.  You would be amazed to know how many of us have hand-me-down popsicle molds hiding in the back of the cupboard.  If you don’t have a hand-me-down set, grab a box of Dixie cups and some plastic wrap.  Line the Dixie cups with plastic wrap and you have instant popsicle molds for pennies. You can find simple tools like popsicle sticks or the complete set of a popsicle mold just about anywhere, from the dollar store to Wal-Mart to the fancy kitchen store at the mall.

Recipes and Ingredients

Your recipes and the required ingredients can also range from simple to spectacular.  Pick the fruits and flavors that your family loves as a starting point.  Using fruit juice and pureed fruit is a great way to get some more fruit into your family’s daily diet.  You can also use yogurt to create the creamy, dreamy treats everyone loves with less calories and more nutritional content.  Be sure to pick the freshest ingredients you can and make sure you wash any produce before prepping.  Check the labels of any non-produce ingredients to make sure you are inadvertently adding extra sugar or other ingredients you did not intend to add.


Making popsicles couldn’t be simpler once you have all the ingredients you need.  Prep your popsicle mixture according to the recipe you are using.  Wash and dry your molds.  Fill the molds, add the sticks, and freeze.  In a few hours you will have a healthy, hydrating treat that will make everyone in your family happy.

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