How What You Eat, Can Beat the Heat

North American "cantaloupes", actual...

Cantaloupes are just one of the delicious locally grown foods available to help you beat the  heat.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hot days are here again which means Arizonans are after creative, low cost ways to keep cool.  It turns out that the answer to beating the summer heat can be found just down the hall in your kitchen.  Here are some of the ways that what you eat can help keep you cool.

Hydrating Fruits

Fruits are both delicious and refreshing, especially those that contain a lot of water like grapes, cantaloupe, and watermelon.  Whether you like them chopped, cubed, or frozen, fresh fruit makes a great addition to any meal while also helping to keep you hydrated.  Store them in the fridge to achieve maximum cooking potential. Here are some other easy ways to fill your hot summer days with fruit.

Very Cool Veggies

Fruit is not the only thing from the Farmers Market that can help you keep cool this summer.  There are a wide variety of veggies that can also help keep you cool and hydrated despite the triple-digit temps.  Slices of cucumber and radish and leafy greens like spinach, arugula, and romaine lettuce all help your body stay hydrated which is one of the things your body needs in order to stay cool.  Here are some delicious ways to get these veggies into your daily diet.

Minty Cool

There is a reason that all those chewing gum commercials feature icy landscapes and cool scenes – mint has a cooling effect.  Add a little spearmint, peppermint, or mint leaves to your menu with these delicious dishes.

Spice Things Up

Although it might not seem like it, eating spicy foods can actually cool you off.  Adding a bit of hot sauce here or some chili pepper there can help keep your temperature down.


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