Top 10 Pumpkin Recipes

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Can you tell it’s almost fall? The mornings are cooler and evenings cool off quicker, and the sun is rising later and setting earlier. Even though the distinction between seasons can be a little vague here in Arizona, it is still fun to celebrate.


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Pumpkins come into season in Arizona during the month of September. And although you might just think of pumpkins as being something to carve, you can turn them into tasty treats too! So get creative with pumpkin this fall season, and see what you can come up with. To start you out, here is a list of the yummiest pumpkin recipes I could find on Fill Your Plate and other places!

  1. Grandma Gertie’s Pumpkin Pie
  2. Pumpkin Pancakes
  3. Pumpkin Bars with Icing
  4. Pumpkin Butter
  5. Pumpkin Cake Cookies
  6. Pumpkin Cheesecake
  7. Stuffed Pumpkin
  8. Pumpkin Roll
  9. Pumpkin Milkshake
  10. Tiffany’s Pumpkin Pie Cake

Get ready to be the best cook at your fall get together. After you’ve tried these recipes, make sure to post pictures of them using the hashtag: #FillYourPlate. Also, visit for more amazing recipes to serve to your holiday guests. And, “Like” us on Facebook!

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