Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern


Are you looking for some tasty treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? Look no further! Whether you are sending the kids off to school with Krispy treats or waking your significant other up to heart-shaped pancakes, Valentine’s Day presents itself as a wonderful opportunity to make cooking and baking fun! There are tons of different (and cute) recipes you can make to show those you love how much you care.

Some recipes are easily doubled or tripled to make enough for your student’s Valentine’s Day party at school, too! Even if you aren’t a person who usually like sweet stuff, give it a try this Valentine’s Day, one of the big components of the holiday is candy after all!

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  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Nothing is better than serving your honey tangy strawberries covered in sweet milk chocolate to show them how much you love them! (You can also make a bunch of these to give friends and coworkers as gifts!)


  1. Heart of the Batter – Who doesn’t love cupcakes? These cupcakes with little strawberry hearts in the middle are perfect to make with the kids, and perfect to send to class as treats!


  1. Valentine’s Krispy Treats – These sticky sweet treats are perfect to send to school with your child for their class Valentine’s Day party!


  1. Molten Lava Cakes – These explosive cakes are perfect as dessert after Valentine’s Dinner, or even just as a fun project to make as a family!


  1. Quick Valentine’s Candies – Need candies for Valentine’s Day on the fly? Try these 10 minute white chocolates!


  1. White Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits – Another great dessert, these pink and white parfaits embody everything that Valentine’s Day is!


  1. Valentine’s Night Strawberries – I hope you like strawberries, because here’s another tasty recipe including them! These easy-to-make stuffed strawberries will be a family hit!


  1. Chocolate Heart Cookies – The perfect treat for the chocolate lover in your family or group of friends!


  1. Brownie Tart – This is the perfect dessert for a Valentine’s party or gathering. It serves 8, so if you are hosting more than that just make two! Yum!


  1. Valentine Bark – Another perfect recipe for something that can be distributed at school by your child, or at work by you!


Valentine’s Day is a special day where you and yours can express the love you have for each other by chowing down on some sweet and tasty treats! Enjoy!


Remember to go to Fill Your Plate for other dessert ideas. Our online searchable recipes sections is full of sweet treats.

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