Summertime Means Sweet Corn Time

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Of all the local summertime foods Arizona families can look forward to, one of my favorites is sweet corn. I was born loving sweet corn, especially since my mom, originally from Iowa, declared that her home state was the best at growing this sweet, fresh product. But, Arizona can hold its own in this category too!

And, Arizona has a unique season for sweet corn that can actually last into September. If you live in the valley (the Phoenix Metro area), farmers here start planting early spring so that the sweet corn is ripe for the picking as early as mid-May. And, in the valley it will be available until after the Fourth of July.

Fresh yellow corn pile on the local market. Crop Background

But, you’re not ready to give up fresh, local Arizona sweet corn after our Independence holiday? Neither am I and you don’t have to. Arizona’s northern and southern counties are just beginning to harvest in July and will continue harvesting through September (watch our video).


Because of sweet corn’s abundance this time of year, you’ll want to get your hands on lots of it. But, what about recipes to make sure you use it all up? Arizona Farm Bureau’s Fill Your Plate has a variety of sweet corn recipes provided by our Arizona farmers and ranchers. The list follows.

You may have a favorite recipe including today’s very simple corn-on-the-cob microwave recipe. Regardless, Arizona will serve up lots of sweet corn this summer from our own farmers’ fields. Happy eating!

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