Recipes For Your Super Bowl Spread!

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

It’s Super Bowl Season! This means that many people are hurrying to prepare to host parties and tailgates on game day!

No party or tailgate is complete without a wide variety of different foods, snacks, and drinks to enjoy as you watch the game! Whether you’re hosting a party or tailgate and preparing your own menu or are attending a party and bringing something to share, here are some recipes from Fill Your Plate that you might consider giving a try this year!

What makes them especially unique is that each one features ingredients that are grown locally here in Arizona and can be bought at farmers’ markets or grocery stores!





Main Dishes:


Side Dishes:




Want some tips on preparing for your Super Bowl party? Check out this article from Fill Your Plate!

4 Tips to Help You Get Set for the Superbowl

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