Organizing Your Kitchen

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern


With tv shows like Get Organized With The Home Edit and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, organization has recently become a very popular topic. I find it much easier to think and get things done when my house is organized and I know where things are. If you are like this too and are looking to organize your home, here are my top tips and items you’ll need. In this article, we will focus on the kitchen.




For the fridge, you’re going to need several clear plastic bins. These can be found in several places, but I recommend getting them from The Container Store or Amazon. You’ll need:


Set Of 10 Refrigerator Organizer Bins – For snacks, produce, yogurt cups, and more.

Set Of 4 Refrigerator Organizer Bins – For sodas, water bottles, and other drinks.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set – You will want clear or glass containers so you can easily see what meal prepped food or leftovers are inside.



  • Put your condiments in the produce drawer, and your produce in the bins on the refrigerator door. This way you can easily see what produce you have and use it up, instead of leaving it to die in that bin on the bottom of your fridge.
  • Most fridges have removable shelves. Take these out and hand wash them, or put them in your dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe.


The Home Edit Fridge




For your cupboards, you will need:


Pot and Pan Organizer – You may want to buy two of these to fit all your pots, pans, lids, cookie sheets, and other cooking items.

Open Front Food Storage Bins – These are perfect for holding spices, baking supplies, and other food items you might keep in your cupboards.


[THE] Weekly Mini-Projects: Kitchen





For the pantry, you will need:


Canned Food Bins – These have a slanted front, making it easy to store cans and jars.

Small Organizing Bins – These are the perfect size for all different kinds of snacks.

Tall Organizing Bins – Use these for spaghetti, macaroni, bags of beans, and more.

Big Plastic Storage Bins – These are great for bags of chips, cereal, and pretzels.


THE Snack Pantry Kit


Under The Sink


For under the sink, you will need:


Divided Lazy Susan – For sponges, magic erasers, and more.

Clear Stackable Bins – For cleaning products, gloves, rags, and more.

2 Tier Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack – This is a better option if your cleaning products are tall.


Laura Lea’s Kitchen


Find more organization inspiration on the Fill Your Plate blog!


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