Looking for Ways to Manage Your Land? There’s an App for That – Round 2

farming apps

Check out these farming apps to help you farm your land. (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

Earlier this year, we took a look at how the “app” culture is helping Arizona farmers manage their land by introducing some of the best apps for farmers.  It turns out, however, that technology now plays such an important role in how farmers work their land that there wasn’t enough room to introduce all the amazing apps farmers are using to make their jobs easier.  So, here are some of the other smart phone and tablet apps Arizona farmers can and are using to grow local products and safeguard your food supply.


AgraScout helps keep the producers and the buyers connected and communicating.  It provides tools for identifying pests, mapping fields, and creating detailed reports that farmers can use to get the most out of every available resource.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone.

Grain Calculator 

Make keeping track of your grain easier than ever with this helpful and handy app.  It can quickly calculate the number of tonnes or bushels of grain housed in a round bin.  All you need is some simple dimensions to get a clear picture of how much grain you have on hand.  Adjustable settings allow users to customize for things like grain moisture and peak height.  Available on Android.

PeRK (Pesticide Recordkeeping) 

PeRK makes it easy for farmers to track vital statistics and usage information about pesticide usage.  The simple to use app can make any state-mandated recordkeeping data simple for the farmer to capture right in the field.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone.

FarmLogic Dry Grain Calculator 

This incredibly beneficial app helps farmers make sound decisions regarding their grain crop.  It can handle information for 9 different types of grain and it provides the farmer with the information he needs in real-time to determine what percentage of the grain should be dried, how much should be combined, and other important revenue-dependent decisions.  Available on Android, iPad, iPhone

CHS Grain Trading 

This useful app puts the power of the internet in the farmer’s hands when it comes to managing crop sales.  Functionality makes it possible to monitor, accept, and manage offers and sales electronically from a smart phone.   Available on Android, iPad, iPhone

Manure Pit Calculator 

This app makes it possible for farmers to calculate the amount of space in a manure pit regardless of its shape, size, or current capacity.  With some basic measurements it tells the farmer how much overall room there is in the pit, how much is currently in the pit, and how much space remains.   Available on iPad, iPhone.

Field Tracker Pro 

Farmers can use this app to determine the amount of seed, spray, and fertilizer they need and then makes it easy to access and use that information from anywhere….even in the field.  It fuels better decision making by providing information about prior year planting and results.  With this information readily accessible from their smart phone, farmers are equipped to make better decisions based on hard data.   Available on Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows.


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