Looking for Ways to Manage Your Livestock or Land? There’s an App for That

Farm Livestock App

Check out this list of livestock apps for the farm (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

To most of the people in Arizona, the agriculture industry may seem like one of the few areas where technology wouldn’t play as much of a role.  But as those of us in the industry know, technology plays a huge role in modern farming and ranching, helping our local farmers and ranchers do everything from monitor the health of their herd to deciding how much seed to lay down on any given piece of land.  With that understanding, it is no surprise that there are a whole host of smart phone apps aimed at helping our farmers and ranchers boost productivity and manage everything about their crops, herds, and coops.

Here are some of the best apps for ranchers by other ranchers.

iCattleMgrPro and iLivestockMgr

These apps work on the iPhone and iPad and provide an easy way to enter, track, and report on all the data needed to manage your livestock.  The app is capable of capturing more than 90 pieces of data about your livestock.  You can store images of individual animals and tie the image to their information for easy tracking.  All data is stored and backed up via iCloud and can be integrated with other products including iPasture.


Wondering if rain is on the way?  Raindar provides an animated Doppler radar projected over Google Maps right in your pocket!   This handy app also provides information on storm tracks, inclement weather information including identifying what type of storm the precipitation is or will be coming from including thunderstorms, hail storms, and extreme storms like those capable of producing tornadoes.

HandyMan Calculator

This app is handy for anyone who works with their hands.  It helps calculate materials, track time spent on individual tasks or projects, and saves calculated information to a notepad function.  No matter where you are on your ranch, you will have everything you need to complete and store complex calculations.


This all-inclusive farm/ranch accounting system provides mobile functionality to help ranchers manage their finances on the go.  The full app provides accounting registers, invoicing functions, check writing capabilities, and tools for managing payroll, account receivable, and accounts payable.  This package also provides inventory control functions and reporting capabilities.

ProCattle Breeding

This app offers all the functionality you need to manage your breeding process.  You can record all major breeding milestones, view breeding history for each animal, and see how your breeding program is operating across the herd.   The app also works offline which means ranchers can use the functionality even in areas without service.


This invaluable app provides access to parts manuals, part number lists, and even assembly diagrams for most machines used in the agriculture industry today.  In addition, it makes it easy to create a list of parts needed and send the list directly to your preferred dealer.  The functionality included makes it easy to manage all your machines from anywhere on the ranch.

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