Smart Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You on Black Friday

Looking for Black Friday deals? Check out these tips using apps to save money. (Photo Credit:

Looking for Black Friday deals? Check out these tips using apps to save money. (Photo Credit:

Black Friday is almost here. If you are one of the many Americans who will venture out in search of hot sales and incredible deals, make sure you have your smartphone with you and that you know how it can help you get the best deals of the day.  Streamline your Black Friday buying experience by turning your smartphone into your own mobile shopping assistant.  Here are some of the ways that your smartphone can help you save big during the biggest sale of the year.

1.     Information Access

Your smartphone’s internet access means you can access all the information you need about store locations, opening hours, and even Black Friday sales in the palm of your hand.  This can be crucial on the big day (and night) if you need to find a less crowded store or want to check the price of something online to quantify your savings.

2.     Keeper of the List

Rather than writing down what you need on a piece of paper than can be easily lost or left on a shelf in the madness of Black Friday, put all the information you need into your smartphone.  Note taking apps like EverNote can help you keep track of your purchases and follow your plan.

3.     Coupon Keeper

Many companies and stores are not offering virtual coupons rather than the more traditional printed options.  Virtual coupons are stored on your smartphone and can be scanned directly from your screen at checkout.  Take some time before you start shopping to look for coupons and special virtual discounts at the stores you are planning to visit before Black Friday.

4.     Price Checker

One of the most frustrating things about Black Friday is standing in line for hours to get a “great deal” only to find out afterwards that you could have gotten the same price, without the wait, from an online retailer.  Taking your smartphone along as a shopping assistant means this will never happen to you again.  Check the prices of each purchase in real time before spending your cash and you will always know you got the best price possible.  As a bonus, this also means that you can immediately buy a less expensive option online if you find one without having to wait until you get home.

5.     Use a Black Friday App

If you want to maximize the potential of your smartphone download one of the many Black Friday apps designed to help you get the best deals.  Many of these apps, like Black Friday App, which is available for iOS and Android operating systems, are free to download.  App functionality can include things like special deals, access to ads, and search capabilities across Black Friday deals.

6.     Use a Store Specific App

In addition to the apps geared specifically towards Black Friday, many stores have introduced their own apps that give tech-savvy shoppers access to additional discounts and offers for that store.  Check to see if any of the stores you plan to visit on Black Friday provide their own app and make sure to download the app and get familiar with the functionality before the big day so you don’t waste any of your shopping time trying to figure something out on your phone.

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