Hire A Mini Sous Chef!

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Far Bureau Communications Intern

When I was growing up, my mom always made sure that I got plenty of time to help her cook in the kitchen. Now that I am older, I can see why she often asked me to either help her make a certain dish or ask me to make one on my own.

Getting to cook alongside someone and get hands-on experience made cooking on my own much easier and way less stressful! But besides being a great way to get your kids learning their way around a kitchen early, it has been shown to be a good way to combat picky eating and encourage healthy eating habits.

Celebrity ChefAccording to the Mayo Clinic, kids are more likely to be willing to eat foods that they have helped to prepare. They suggest letting your kids be involved in the food-making process as much as possible, including trips to the store to pick out their own fruits and veggies, or letting them pick out the recipes and menu items that you are going to make.

So, next time you’re planning a meal, grab your kiddos and let them be your little sous chefs and help prepare your upcoming meal!

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