Here are 7 Reason to Love Teff!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Teff is a product that not many people are familiar with. It was first discovered in ancient Ethiopia and is a kind of grass. There are many varieties that can be differentiated by their color, which also is a determiner of what specific nutritional properties the grain has. This healthy little grain has now traveled across the sea and is slowly but surely taking over the ‘superfood’ scene here in the United States.


Teff is a versatile grain that can be used to make everything from bread to quiche, and pancakes to pie, and is the being hailed at the ‘new quinoa’. So if you don’t know why you should be showing some love to teff in your diet, let me give you seven reasons!

  1. Teff is a tiny grain, with a big protein punch. The stuff is packed full of it, so it is a tasty and ideal way to add protein to your diet.
  2. It is also low in fat and helps you feel fuller longer, so it is perfect for those trying to keep a low fat diet and for those trying to lose weight.
  3. This little super grain is also amazing at keeping blood sugar levels in check, so it can be put to great use if you are diabetic.
  4. Another reason to love teff, it’s high in fiber. It can help to create regularity in terms of the bathroom scene.
  5. Teff is very low in sodium, which is great for those trying to lower their blood pressure.
  6. It is full of nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B1, phosphorous and copper.
  7. Lastly, this grain is gluten free, perfect for someone who loves bread-y things, but can’t have the gluten.

You can find recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy that contains teff. The light nutty flavor of the stuff has health food fanatics, and even myself, going crazy with what to cook up next! Teff is truly a grain-to-end-all-grains, and it’s a crazy amount of goodness wrapped up in such a tiny little package. To learn more about teff and to get some tasty recipes, head over to!

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