Easy Easter Menus Anyone Can Make

English: Carrot Cake Berlin 2009

Follow these tips for an easy Easter menu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For many families, Easter offers a great opportunity to get everyone together for food and family fun but putting together a big meal can be both costly and stressful.  This year, cut down on both of these factors by planning ahead and filling your menu with seasonal ingredients.  Shopping for your ingredients locally will also help you get the freshest foods at the best price.  To help you pick the perfect foods to fill your family’s plates this Easter, here are some easy menu options featuring recipes from the Fill Your Plate blog.

Laid Back Easter Lunch

If your Easter traditions are low-key, this menu may be just right for a laid back Easter lunch.  Make the meal easy by offering a trio of lunch ready options for guests to mix and match.

Better Brunch

This brunch menu makes a great buffet but can also be served family style.  It is full of fresh flavors and local ingredients.

Easy Elegance

If you are looking for something a little more upscale, this menu offers the elegance you want without giving up the ease you need.

Very Veggie

Celebrate the spirit of the season with crunchy carrots rather than more traditional meats and make your vegetarian Easter menu a memorable one.


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