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Follow these tips to host an outstanding Oscar Party (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Some people look forward to February because of the Big Game also known as Super Bowl Sunday.  For sports fans, the Super Bowl is more than just the game that ends the season or a way to decide which football team is the best.  It is a chance to get together with a group of friends to share and celebrate.  This is why odds are, even if you’re not that into football, you probably happily spent your Super Bowl Sunday alongside those whose love of football can seem fanatical.

Another reason people look forward to February is the Academy Awards.  For those who love movies, fashion, and all things celebrity, Oscar Night can be just as big a deal as the Super Bowl.  If this sounds like you, there is no reason you can’t have your own spectacular Sunday celebration.  Since most people like the movies, it can provide an atmosphere similar to the Super Bowl, where everyone, even those who might not know the different between Oscar de la Renta and Yves St. Laurent can have a great time.

This year, the Academy Awards will be given out on Sunday February 24th and

Here are some tips for ensuring the winner for the best Oscar party this year is you.

1.     Take a Lesson from the Super Bowl

One thing the Super Bowl season provides is a way for everyone to get involved, to have a stake in the outcome.  This is true whether your team is on top or not.  Things like football pools and Super Bowl squares help get people invested even when they don’t care which team wins the game.  Get people invested in the big awards by using the same games used during the Super Bowl.  Instead of Super Bowl squares that give away prizes for scores, let people pick who they think will win each award and give a prize every 30 minutes for the most correct guesses in that 30 minute span and the most correct overall.  This will give everyone a reason to pay attention to even the least interesting and most overlooked awards.

2.     Drink to the Nominees

While the theme is the Oscars, using the actual nominees can make this year’s party unique.  Create a drink menu featuring drinks from the top movies of the year like Les Mis Drink with Me Wine or a Luscious Lincoln (made without alcohol of course).   Make special drinks that are named after the best actor and actress nominees like a Naomi Watts-ermelon Crawl or a Hugh Jackman Hammer.

3.     Create a Movie-Worthy Menu

Tying your food choices to the year’s most celebrated movies is another great way to bring your party together.  You could serve Abe Lincoln Apple Crisp to highlight Lincoln which is nominated for Best Picture and the fact that one of President Lincoln’s favorite foods was apples.  To celebrate Silver Linings Playbook you could add Crabby Snacks and Homemades to your menu, both of which are mentioned in the film.

The key to hosting an outstanding Oscar party is to bring the glitz and glamour of Hollywood into your home while making sure guests have more to do than sit in front of the TV listening to speeches.   For more great ideas for perfect party foods, check out the Appetizer recipes available on Fill Your Plate.

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