A Solution for Leftover Turkey

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau

Try a grilled turkey sandwich made with leftover Thanksgiving turkey! Photo credit: Flickr.com Matt DeTurck

While eating leftover Thanksgiving turkey in the lunchroom at Arizona Farm Bureau, a fellow business associate told me about his after Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. It had such a “yum” reaction from me, I share it here.

David Viar, Regional Training Consultant for Farm Bureau Financial Services, created a yummy after Thanksgiving sandwich which is comprised of Ciabatta bread, stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce.

“You assemble the sliced turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and place them in your convection oven until the bread is toasted,” says Viar. “It makes an awesome sandwich.”

He likes to use his George Foreman Grill since it presses the Ciabatta sandwich together and merges the juices and cranberry sauce.

So, we have our latest leftover solution for the turkey you may still have in your refrigerator. And if turkey is on the menu for Christmas dinner, you’re ready for the next round of leftovers!

PS.  Would love to hear your favorite way to use leftover turkey!  Post your comments here!

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