5 Agricultural Apps Worth Downloading

The popularity of mobile devices and applications is growing every day. Applications for agricultural professionals and farmers are no exception. These apps can be valuable tools that could save farmers valuable time so maybe they have more available to spend with family.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager app

photo: John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

Here are 5 Apps that can be helpful to an agricultural business.


  1. Mobile Farm Manager

This is an app by John Deere.  This app provides producers with easy access to important field and farm information through their mobile device. Features include GPS tracking, historical reports, field maps, field navigation, and soil sampling grids. (Available on iPhone and iPad)


  1. TractorPal

Use this app to keep inventory and maintenance records on all of your machines, including trucks and cars of all brands. You can log all of your machinery, large and small, including attachments, backhoes, cars, combines, lawn mowers, loaders, pickups, skid-loaders, sprayers, tractors, and more. You can also record each item’s maintenance (e.g., changing oil, filters, tires, and irregular repairs), and will remind you when service is required. Cloud backup available on the Android download only. (Available on Android, iPad, iPhone)


  1. Agrivi

Agrivi helps farmers improve production and increase productivity. Its features include project-oriented farm management with a simple and fast way of planning, monitoring and tracking all farm activities and inputs usage, advance sales and expense tracking ensures taking control over farm finances, inventory management with low inventory alarms removes delays in production caused by lack of inputs and weather monitoring with detailed 7-day weather forecast and 3-year weather history for each field and smart disease risk detection alarms. (Available on Android, iPad, iPhone)


  1. Growing Degree Days

This is an app that measures the maturity of your crop by viewing current and past growing degree days data for your farm’s location. Growing degree days (GDD) are a measure of heat accumulation used in agriculture to predict the date that crops will reach maturity. Growing degree days are listed by month and summarized for the year. The current year’s growing degree days are compared to the previous year’s growing degree days. (Available on Android, iPad, iPhone)


  1. Yara CheckIT

A valuable tool for agronomists, crop advisors, farmers, distributors and retailers, this app offers a unique and quick way to determine crop nutrient deficiency by visual comparison. It has data and pictures of 20 of the most important crops in the U.S. market and the most common deficiencies for each crop. The app also gives corresponding nutritional advice when the deficiency has been identified. (Available for Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows)


There are many other apps available to agricultural professionals. After a little research you can find apps that are suited to your needs and possibly make your life on the farm much easier. The website, CropLife.com, has several more listed on their site, as well as tips for choosing Ag apps that will benefit you most.


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