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When it Comes to Yogurt…It’s All Greek to Me

You can barely turn on the TV without seeing an ad for some new brand of Greek Yogurt. These ads may have you wondering, when did the Greeks start making yogurt and why is everyone so excited about it? Let’s start by looking at why Greek yogurt is different than regular yogurt.

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Little Known Facts About Lettuce

Here in Arizona, we celebrate lettuce, especially from November through March when 90% of the nation’s lettuce come from Yuma, Arizona. No wonder they call that special little spot in southern Arizona the “Lettuce bowl capitol of the nation!”

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USDA Releases New Maps Identifying Major Crop Producing Areas: Apples

A total of 40 new maps have been prepared, showing major crop-producing areas in the United States, China, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.  Earlier versions of these maps appeared in the Major World Crop Areas and Climatic Profiles (MWCACP) handbook that contains … Continue reading

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Easy Easter Menus Anyone Can Make

Shopping for your ingredients locally will also help you get the freshest foods at the best price. To help you pick the perfect foods to fill your family’s plates this Easter, here are some easy menu options featuring recipes from the Fill Your Plate blog.

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Why Popcorn is Popping Up in All the Best Places

There is no question that Americans love popcorn.  On average, we each consume more than 65 quarts of it each year in movie theaters, at country fairs, and in our own living rooms.  We make it in specially made air … Continue reading

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