Why Beets Are Considered a Superfood

By Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director

My salad today was full of red and gold beets; so yummy. I love beets in a salad. I love them pickled, baked and more. So, when I hear from the experts that beets are a superfood, I cheer.

Registered dietitians (RD) say beets are low in calories and they offer a wide array of nutritional benefits, such as soluble and insoluble fiber, manganese, potassium and folate, while beet greens contain a lot of vitamin K, magnesium and iron.

Beets also have vitamins and minerals that help protect the heart, maintain sharper vision, improve cognitive health, lower inflammation and even enhance a workout, RDs say.

Arizona agriculture grows lots of beets including multi-colored beets. According to Fill Your Plate’s seasonal chart you can get fresh, local beets from November through May.

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