Tis the Season…to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

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No doubt your list of spring cleaning tasks is a mile long but if there is only one place this spring where you can expend a little energy, make sure it is the kitchen.  Although we don’t usually think of it this way, our kitchens are the workhouse of our house.  We spend more time in them than in any other room and the things we do there are consistently messier, dirtier, and grimier than anywhere else except maybe the garage.  So, if your spring cleaning time is short and you need to prioritize, focusing on the kitchen will get you the biggest bang for your spring cleaning buck.

To help you get the most done in the least time, here is our list of must-do spring cleaning tasks for the kitchen.

1.     Clean Out the Cupboards

This is likely the most often overlooked and least looked forward to task each Spring but it can make a real difference.

2.     Sort, Save, and Toss

As part of cleaning out your cabinets, take everything out and put it on the counter.  Go through each item to check for expiration date, damage to packaging, and likelihood of use.  If it is expired or damaged, toss it.  If you are never going to use it, save it to the side to give it to someone else.

3.     Clean Out Your Drawers

For some reason, this never seems to get done as often as other Spring-cleaning tasks even though your drawers may need a good cleaning even more than your cupboards.

4.     Sort Your Utensils

The sort, save, toss process isn’t just for food.  You should use it for every cabinet, cupboard, shelf, and drawer in your kitchen.  Once you clean out a drawer, take a minute to consider every single item before you put it back in.  If you use it, great, but if you don’t, consider this an opportunity to clean and unclutter.

5.     Focus on the Fridge

At least once a year, our refrigerators need a thorough cleaning.  This means take all the shelves and drawers and doodads out and wash them individually.  Wash the entire inside of the fridge and freezer from top to bottom.  Sort, save, and toss should also happen here.

6.     Sharpen Your Tools

Spring is a great time to tend to some kitchen tool maintenance.  This means sharpening knives, seasoning cast iron cookware, and oiling your cutting boards.  Take stock of the tools you have as you are cleaning cupboards and cabinets.  Make note of any repairs that need to be made and get everything fixed before it gets put back on the shelf.  Make sure to sort, save, and toss this group of kitchen dwellers too.

7.     Clean the Oven

With today’s easy to use oven cleaners it is a wonder we don’t do this task more often.  Gone are the days of scrubbing through fumes and caustic chemicals.  Just make sure you read the label on your oven cleaning product carefully and follow all directions, including those regarding disposal.

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