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Fill Your PlateWe love to talk about food.  We also love to talk about how our Arizona farmers and ranchers work hard every day to help Arizona families stretch their food dollar while filling their plates with healthy food grown and raised right here at home.

If you look across the site, you will see the many ways we tie these two loves together.  There is the blog, which you are reading now, the Recipe Box, Nutritious News, and a section for spotlighting local foods.  You can find information on where there are farmers markets this weekend and learn what ingredients local celebrities and chefs can’t live without.  Along with all these fun features, you can also find our version of “Must See TV” in the video section.

Here is a little taste of the information, educational, and just plain interesting videos you can find in the Fill Your Plate video vault.

1.     Learn to Make Hearty Arizona Chili

Jan from the Two Minute Kitchen teaches you how to make Hearty Arizona Chili, a favorite of Arizona cowboys as they work on the range.  This easy to follow explanation makes it easy to make this delicious dish that is sure to be a family favorite.

2.     Day in the Life of a Dairy Cow

This video is narrated by the children of Caballera Dairy Farms and walks you through a day in the life of a cow. By showing how a cow’s life is similar to their lives, these cute kids show how cows sleep, what they eat, and what they like to do.

3.     Arizona Farmers and Ranchers Help You Go Green

This installment of Sonoran Living features our own Julie Murphree showing you how some products can go from field to consumer to a new use through reuse and recycling.  One example is blue jeans.  The cotton to make them is grown here in Arizona.  Once the jeans have outlived their use as clothing, they can be recycled by a company like Bonded Logic located in Chandler into insulation that can be used in houses.

4.     The Best in Arizona Beef Marinades

Another installment of Sonoran Living that features Kacie Tomerlin from Arizona Legacy Beef.  After giving an excellent overview of the type of beef raised by Arizona Legacy Beef, Kacie shows you how to make delicious rubs for marinating your meat including Criollo Beef Spice Rub from the Recipe Box.

5.     Meet an Arizona Rancher/Farmer

This video series lets you, the consumer get to know some of the great farmers and ranchers right here in Arizona.  Each video features a different farmer or rancher and allows you to learn about what they do on their farm or ranch, why they choose agriculture as a career, and other interesting details about their lives on the farm or ranch.

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