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Horses and History: The Connection Between Rodeo and Ranching

By Kennadee Riggs, AZFB Communications Intern The chute swings open… his heart is pounding as beads of sweat roll down his forehead under the caged helmet he wears for protection. He holds on with just four fingers for eight seconds … Continue reading

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Rodeos in Arizona

Rodeo is a sport that originated in Spain by Spanish cattle herders.  Spanish cowboys (or vaqueros) would challenge each other in a competition to see who had the best roping, riding and herding skills.   Much like today, early ranch duties … Continue reading

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Are You One of the New Faces of Farming and Ranching?

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance is on a nationwide search for the new “Faces of Farming & Ranching.”  These stand-out farmers and ranchers will put a real face on American agriculture and help educate the general population about the importance of American … Continue reading

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14 Ways to Celebrate National Agriculture Day

National Agriculture Day, which is March 25th this year, provides all Arizonians with a great opportunity to offer thanks for the local farmers and ranchers who spend their days providing the food that fills our family’s plates. The goals of … Continue reading

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Looking for Ways to Manage Your Livestock or Land? There’s an App for That

To most of the people in Arizona, the agriculture industry may seem like one of the few areas where technology wouldn’t play as much of a role.  But as those of us in the industry know, technology plays a huge … Continue reading

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