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It’s National Meat Month – Let’s Celebrate Arizona Beef!

Meat lovers rejoice! The month of January has been set aside as a celebration of all things meat and beef is Arizona’s leading agricultural product. In fact, Arizona produces enough beef annually to feed over 4.6 million Americans. When you go to the grocery store, though do you wonder what the names on the various cuts of meat actually mean?

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Purchase Arizona Beef, Straight from the Farmer

Editor’s Note: This is a notice from Arizona Legacy Beef, growers of all natural gourmet Criollo Beef. Once you taste their beef, you’ll be hooked! They will be in Phoenix on Thursday October 21st. Order your beef from them today.

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Out to Pasture and On To Quality Grass on the McGibbon and King Family Ranches

Hungry for beef? Want it to be grass-fed? Arizona beef producers can accommodate you.

In fact, a generational ranch family in southern Arizona can accommodate a variety of niche beef markets for that matter.

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Beef is Back!!

The economic collapse in 2008 caused a large drop in consumer spending which in turn affected the prices of calves, feeder cattle, cows and beef. The impact – a 12% drop in beef demand as people cooked lower valued beef cuts at home and ate at restaurants less – caused a 25% drop in cattle prices. Times were tough. But as we know – tough times don’t last but tough people do. Cattle producers are tough people.

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Labor Day, America’s third most popular outdoor grilling holiday, is right around the corner yet fewer Arizonans will pack away the barbecue grill after this end-of-summer celebration.

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