Nutritionists Suggest the Right Way to Cook Cabbage

Julie Murphree, Arizona Farm Bureau Outreach Director

In recent years, Arizona cabbage has been listed in our top 20 agriculture commodities we grow in this beautiful state. In fact, as a crop, this nutritious leafy green brings millions of dollars into the state because of how much we grow. Why? It’s because of how much you and I eat!

We, of course, know cabbage for some of our personal favorite Cole Slaw recipes. But did you know that our nutrition experts suggest that we should really pay attention to the way we cook cabbage?

According to Maxine Smith in the article Cabbage, when cooked properly, packs a lot of nutrients, fast and simple methods provide the optimum intake of nutrients.

The article highlights all the vitamins and nutrients you get from cabbage. Arizona agriculture is quite proud that we so successfully and abundantly grow this important vegetable.

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