How to Keep Cool in Arizona without Breaking the Bank

Follow these tips to save money and keep cool this summer in Arizona (photo credit:

Follow these tips to save money and keep cool this summer in Arizona (photo credit:

The temperature outside in Arizona may be high, but that doesn’t mean your utility bill has to be.  While we don’t have to worry much about the high cost of heating in the winter, the same cannot be said for the money we spend air conditioning everything in order to make it habitable in triple digit heat.  This summer in Arizona, cut costs by making small changes that can really add up – to a smaller bill – over time.

Swap Out Incandescent Bulbs

Check all your light fixtures and lamps to make sure you don’t have any incandescent bulbs left in the sockets.  This might not seem like a big costs savings, especially since CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs are generally more expensive than incandescent bulbs.  But even with a higher upfront cost, you can save as much as $70 over the life of a CFL bulb.  Don’t forget to check any outside lights on porches and patios.

Turn Down the Tap

Did you know that you can control how much water comes out of the tap when you turn on the faucet?  Many homeowners don’t realize they can do something as simple as turning the valves under the sink down so that they are about halfway off as a way to save money and water.  You will still have plenty of water for routine tasks like brushing teeth and washing dishes but you will end up using half as much water while doing so.

Unplug, Literally

While “unplugging” can mean many things in today’s world, one of the best ways to save some money on your utility bill is to unplug any electronic gadget, device, or appliance that you aren’t actually using.  You can cut your overall costs by unplugging everything from your cell phone charger in the kitchen to the DVD player in the living room that you never actually use.

Hang Up Your Clothes

While it isn’t likely something you want to hear, your clothes dryer is one of the biggest utility hogs in the house.  Drying clothes the old fashioned way, out on a line, leaves them fresher smelling and can really help cut back on your monthly expenses.  While it might take more time, if you have more time than money, this is definitely a win.

Stop Venting So Much

Running a vent fan in a kitchen or bathroom hits you with a double whammy.  On one hand, it uses electricity to run.  On the other, it pumps the air you just paid to cool out of the house.  Use these fans sparingly in the summer to cut back on overall utility costs.

Turn Down the Heat

If you have a conventional water heater with a tank, turn the water temperature down as low as you can in the summer.  Most of the time, you aren’t likely to want to take a piping hot shower when it is 100 degrees outside and heating all that water just to cool it down with cold water can be a significant waste.  Turn it down as low as you dare, so you can keep your utility bills as low as possible.

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