July is the Month for Red, White, and….Blueberries

blueberry blueberries

Don’t miss these delicious ways to eat blueberries! (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

If you are looking for a great summer treat that isn’t too sweet, blueberries might be the best snack around.  These little round purple-blue berries are a great healthy option for breakfast, snacks, dessert and even as part of a meal.   Blueberries provide a high dose of antioxidants and research has shown they can provide benefits in bone health, cholesterol control, and improving cardiovascular health.

With so many health benefits, it is easy to see why blueberries make such a great addition to our daily diet.  It isn’t everyday you find something that is good for you that everyone in the family will love to eat.  July is National Blueberry Month and since they are in season here in Arizona, they should be easy to find at farmers markets and in grocery stores.  To help you fill your plates with plump, juicy blueberries this month, here are some great ways to use them at every meal.

  1. Blueberry Muffins
  2. Boss’s Baked French Toast
  3. Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
  4. Blueberry Soda
  5. Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze Recipe
  6. Blueberry Crumb Cake
  7. Blueberry Shortbread Bars
  8. Super Summer Kale Salad
  9. Maras Blueberry Chutney
  10. Blueberry Buckle
  11. Blueberry Pie
  12. Blueberry Banana Bread
  13. Blueberry Nectarine Cobbler
  14. Blackberry and Blueberry Pie
  15. Red White and Blue Strawberry Shortcake
  16. Cherry Blueberry Pie
  17. Blueberry Lime Jam
  18. Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce
  19. Peach Berry Cobbler
  20. Blueberry Turnovers
  21. Blueberry Blast Smoothie
  22. Blueberry Compote
  23. Blueberry Ice Cream
  24. Grilled Salmon Steak with Savory Blueberry Sauce
  25. Spinach Salad with Berries and Curry Dressing
  26. Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Ice Pops
  27. Blueberry Walnut Salad
  28. Blueberry Ricotta Squares
  29. Blueberry Lemon Crumb
  30. Blueberry Cheesecake Bars 
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