Host a Frighteningly Fun Halloween Party

"Zombie fingers" cookies. Halloween ...

“Zombie fingers” cookies make a creepy delight for dessert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you are the type of person who thinks scaring the pants off of people is more fun than most other October activities or the type of person who prefers creepy over gory, you can host a Halloween party this year sure to yield more than enough screams of delight.  All it takes is a ghoulishly good theme, creative and creepy decorations, and frighteningly fabulous food.

Start by picking a theme.  While most people would consider “Halloween” theme enough, choosing a more specific theme enables you to tie everything together and turn your chips and beer party into an eerie experience.  The theme you choose can also inspire your creativity in ways “Halloween” never could.  If you are hosting a party for adults, you might consider themes like zombies, a mental hospital, a mad scientist’s lab, or a haunted mansion.  Use the theme to design your decorations, create your menu, and plan your party.  It’s up to you whether or not you ask guests to come dressed in theme-appropriate costumes.

Now that you have a theme, it is time to decorate.  This is where you can really let your creativity soar.  Think about how you can use the features of your yard, the rooms in your house, and even the surrounding area to create an atmosphere for your guests.  If you opted for a theme related to zombies, you might choose to create a graveyard in the front yard so that you have half buried zombies digging themselves out of graves or you might choose to make it the scene of some biohazard event that was responsible for creating the zombies.  Make sure you carry the theme indoors too.  If your theme is a haunted run-down mental asylum, you might make one room the electro-shock room and another into the solitary confinement cell.  All of this drives the type of decorations you use throughout the house and yard and within each specific room.

Next is the food.  This is another way that the experience you create for your guests is limited only by your creativity or perhaps your creepitude!  You might decide to served crackers with a side of flayed head (aka ham slices) like the one seen here.   You might decide to stick to more classic party foods like Artichoke Dip or Chicken Enchilada Dip but serve them with homemade crackers shaped like fingers.  The easiest way to make a memorable menu is to start by making great food.  Make a list of all the things you would serve if this was just a cocktail party.  Then, think about how you might make each recipe a little creepier.  This is how Deviled Eggs become Devilish Eyes (add blue, green, or red food coloring to the egg mixture and add an olive for a pupil) and empanadas become Alien larvae (green food coloring and yellow tinted filling).

Lastly, you need to plan out the flow of the party.  It’s always a good idea to have some finger food and easy drinks available as guests arrive.  You might consider planning some games, giving out awards for the best costume, or just turning the downstairs into a Deadly Disco.  Whatever you choose, all it takes to have a ghastly good time this Halloween is great food, good friends, and killer costume.


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