Gleaners Needed! Help St. Mary’s Save this Winter’s Citrus Crop!

Citrus Gleaners NeededSt. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is asking the public for assistance to glean the plentiful grapefruit and orange trees around the Valley in attempt to reach this harvest before the warmer weather hits in the spring and makes the fruit unusable.

Thousands have called the St. Mary’s “Citrus Hotline” this winter and the Food Bank has more people on its waiting list than groups who have volunteered to pick them. As a result, hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh citrus that could be distributed by the Food Bank are in danger of not reaching those in need.

Anyone who has a few hours on either a weekend or weekday can help right away with the gleaning process. Church groups, community organizations, business volunteer groups or individuals and families are encouraged to help make sure that nature’s bounty is shared with those in need.

Volunteers can reach the Food Bank gleaning organizers via email at or by calling Grace Rodil at (602) 343-5629.

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