Fun Activities To Do With Your Family For Easter

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Easter is usually a time to gather with extended family to celebrate, but due to the pandemic, things will look slightly different this year. Although we may not be able to gather with extended family, we can still celebrate Easter with our immediate family in meaningful ways. Check out these fun activities you can do with your family for Easter:


Egg Race: Make a start and finish line in your backyard. Have everyone line up on the start line, holding a spoon with an uncooked egg on it. Have someone give a countdown (3, 2, 1, go!). Whoever makes it to the finish line first without dropping or breaking their egg wins! Have fun prizes for first, second, and third place.


Egg Toss: Everyone finds a partner, then they line up across from each other, forming two lines of players. The goal is to toss the uncooked egg back and forth, until someone breaks it. Whoever is the last pair standing with an unbroken egg wins. This can also be played with water balloons!


Bunny Hop/Sack Race: Buy or make some burlap bags, and use the start and finish line from the egg race. Have someone give a countdown. Whoever makes it to the finish line first wins! You can also do a three legged race instead of, or in addition to, the sack race.


Other Items to put in Easter Eggs: Mix it up! Instead of putting traditional candy in your Easter eggs for the egg hunt, try some of these items: gumballs, money, jelly beans, jewelry, little toys, stickers, puzzle pieces, toy cars, lipstick/lip gloss, nail polish, chapstick, hair accessories, mini Lego set, bouncy balls, a key (to a box with a bigger prize inside)


Have a Picnic or Eat Outside: Spring usually brings lovely weather. If it’s not too hot by the beginning of April, consider putting down a blanket and having a picnic, or setting up a table and eating outside.


Plant a Flower Garden: What better way is there to welcome spring than by planting flowers? Get them in all different colors from your local nursery. Don’t have room to plant flowers? Try getting one of these planter boxes.


Find more fun family activities on Fill Your Plate’s blog!

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