Fill Your Plate is Mobile!

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

I got on my phone earlier today to show my friend a recipe on, and to my surprise, it had become mobile-friendly! I knew it was in the works to launch a mobile-friendly site sometime soon, but I wasn’t sure when it was going live. Well it’s live all right, and it’s awesome!


First of all, when you pull Fill Your Plate up on your browser, you can immediately click on one of the following tabs to lead you to the most popular pages on the site: Find a Farm Product, Find a Farmers Market, and Find Recipes. Each one of these buttons will take you to pages with tons of information about Arizona farms that you can buy fresh ingredients from, where the closest farmers market is for you, and recipes you can use to create healthy and tasty dishes.

Right under those buttons, are links to Fill Your Plate’s most recent blog articles, and with just one click you can discover tips, tricks, recipes, helpful hints, and more about everything and anything from health to holiday decorating!

If you scroll down just past the blog, you can browse through all of Fill Your Plate’s fun and educational videos. These videos feature many faces of Arizona agriculture, and spotlight produce that is in season, crops grown in Arizona, Arizona livestock, and tasty recipes, among many other topics. If you want to know about Arizona agriculture, these videos are a must-see!

At the bottom of the new mobile-friendly page, there is a link to Arizona Farm Bureau’s Friday Food Facts, which are aired on 99.9 KEZ. Here, you can listen to already aired clips that feature fun facts about Arizona agriculture!

If you look back to the top of the page, there is a little tab in the upper right corner that will take you anywhere else you need to go within Fill Your Plate. You can get info about Fill Your Plate in the ‘About Us’ section, check out the celebrity Q & A, find out what Arizona produce is in season, read up on nutritious news, and there is even a tab labeled ‘Contacts Us’, where you will find directions to the Arizona Farm Bureau, and a phone number you can call to get information.

At the top of the main page you will also find links to all of Fill Your Plate’s social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The new layout of Fill Your Plate is super easy to use, and gets you where you need to go effortlessly. I’m so excited to start sharing this mobile version with my friends and family so they can use Fill Your Plate on the go just like I do!

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