Farming Family Holiday Traditions

By Lauren Scott, Arizona Farm Bureau Intern

Have you ever noticed that as Christmas dinner starts, so do the stories? Mom talks about work and how her coworker Shannon is annoying, but they’re going to lunch next Thursday; Dad talks about that sporting event and how his team is going to win it all this year; your sister doesn’t talk about anything in particular, she just listens and gives the occasional nod; but grandma and grandpa, well their stories are the best.


You’re not listening to anyone else anymore as grandma tell you about her childhood. She tells you about how she used to watch her grandma stand at the counter and make the best homemade dishes you’ve ever tasted. She also tells you about her time working for a magazine, and how she met grandpa. Then it’s grandpa’s turn. He talks fondly of his children, your dad included, and the trips they took when the boys were young. He tells stories about the favorite jobs he’s had, and his wedding day.

Here we have some stories for you that are directly from our farmers and ranchers. They are heartwarming, and tell of holiday traditions that these families, and hopefully you, will remember for a long time to come. They might even inspire you to start a holiday tradition of your own!


Christmas Traditions on the Farm: Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve


Christmas Traditions on the Farm II: One Ranch Family Delights in the Children’s Excitement


Christmas Traditions on the Farm III: Reindeer layover on Cameron’s Ranch


Christmas Traditions on the Farm IV: Mrs. Claus’ Christmas Spirit is as Strong as Santa’s!


Christmas Traditions on the Farm V: Daddy Hooks Up the Sled to the Tractor


Christmas Traditions on the Farm VI: The Christmas We Dressed the Chickens


If these stories didn’t touch your heart, we don’t know what will! Hopefully they brought you holiday cheer, and got you thinking about traditions you can start in your own home. For many more Christmas and holiday related articles, check out the Fill Your Plate Blog, and search ‘Christmas’ or Holidays’!

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