Checking Things Off Your Home Maintenance List

Follow these tips as you knock things off your home maintenance list (photo credit:

Follow these tips as you knock things off your home maintenance list (photo credit:

The fall and winter months offer an excellent opportunity for Arizonians to take care of home maintenance and household tasks.  Our temperate fall and winter climate can actually be the best time to get things done outdoors because you don’t have to manage the high heat of some summer months or worry about the monsoon rains of others.  We may not need to “winterize” our homes the way people in other parts of the country do, but taking some time to focus on these maintenance items now means we will have more time for fun in the sun when the temperatures go back up.

1.     Check the Exterior

Perform a thorough examination of the house’s exterior.  Look for places where there are cracks in the foundation or gaps between exterior elements.  Sealing any places where air can escape will help decrease your energy costs by keeping the cool air-conditioned air inside the house.  Taking care of any cracks in the foundation can help keep those small cracks from becoming big problems.

2.     Look at the Paint

As part of your exterior inspection, look for any places where the paint is peeling off of siding, porches, or decks.  Addressing paint issues earlier on helps protect the surfaces underneath, decreasing the chances of damage.

3.     Check the Condition of the Roof

Don’t forget to check the condition of your roof.  The high temperatures, winds, dust storms, hail, and monsoon rains can cause real damage to your home’s roof.  Checking for damage and dealing with any problems proactively means you won’t have to deal with the additional problems caused if your roof starts leaking during next year’s rains.

4.     Deal with the Driveway

Check the driveway for cracks and damage.  If there are any places that need repair, taking care of them now will keep them small and manageable.

5.     Check for Leaks, Inside

Keeping your home heated and cooled accounts for half of your home energy expenses.  Making your home more energy efficient can yield real benefits when it comes to the amount you pay each month for a comfortable interior climate.  Sealing leaks, improving insulation, and weather-stripping doors can help decrease the energy you need to keep your home a comfortable temperature all year round.

6.     Get Your HVAC Serviced

Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home requires a functioning HVAC system and having that system serviced routinely is the best way to ensure it continues to function at optimal levels.

7.     Change the Batteries

This time of year is also a great time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  While you should be in the habit of testing these devices on a monthly basis, replacing the batteries or even the units themselves in the fall is a habit that can save your home and your life.  Don’t forget to check the condition of fire extinguishers and replace them if necessary.

8.     Clean out the Garage

If there is one thing that we all put off as many times as possible, it is cleaning out the garage and if there is a great time to do it, that time is now.  Take a weekend and get your garage clean and organized.


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