6 Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids Outdoors this Summer

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Geocaching can be a fun way for families to connect this summer.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the biggest differences between today’s children and those of generations past is the amount of time spent outdoors.  We blame technology like computers and video games but the truth is, many kids spend most of their time indoors because that’s what their parents do.  Think about the most outdoorsy and active kids you know.  Odds are they are part of an outdoorsy, active family.  So this summer, if you want your kids to spend more time outside making the kind of memories you have from childhood, it’s up to you to lead by example.

Luckily for Arizona families, there is no shortage of fun, inexpensive outdoor adventures to be had.  All you need to do is pack some snacks and slather on the sunscreen and pick from our list of 6 great ways you can connect with your kids outdoors this summer.

1.     Pack a Picnic

Ants aren’t the only ones who love picnics, but you might hear a little resistance to eating lunch outside and spending the afternoon relaxing and playing.  Don’t worry; once you get things rolling, everyone will have a good time.  Pack cooling snacks and lots of water but make sure everyone (including you) leaves their electronics in the car.

2.     Take a Hike

Strap on a day pack and take a hike on some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country.  Make sure you plan ahead for the hottest parts of the day, bring enough water, and pick a trail that is age-appropriate for your children.  Read up on hiking safety before you head out especially if you are new to hiking or if you don’t have experience hiking in the desert.

3.     Visit the Zoo

Everyone loves the Phoenix Zoo and your family will too.  You won’t have to worry that anyone will complain about being bored with so many interesting animals to see.

4.     Spend the Day at a Water Park

There are few things that beat the Arizona summer heat better than spending the day splashing, sliding, and swimming at one of the many water parks.  Make sure to call ahead to see if you can bring your lunch and don’t forget to pack lots of water-resistant sunscreen.

5.     Go on a Geocaching Adventure

Geocaching is like a hiking treasure-hunt and can be a great activity for kids.  Using a GPS, you locate a geocache, sign the logbook, and sometimes take away a small momento.  Read up on how to geocache here and find geocaches throughout Arizona here.

6.     Make Memories in a State Park

Arizona is home to a number of diverse, historic, fun-filled state park experiences.  From hiking, to camping, to learning about who lived here in the past, our state parks offer a great way to spend some family time learning and growing together.  Find out more about where our state parks are located and what things there are to do where here.

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