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Last year, we gave you a taste of what some of the local celebrity chefs spotlighted on Fill Your Plate can’t live without in their kitchens.  The person we interview each month may be a local or national celebrity or chef, a local or national celebrity who is also a foodie, or just a local personality that loves local Arizona grown food as much as we do.   We have some great new additions to our list since last year, so we wanted to share what our newest celebrity chefs simply can’t live without.

Celebrity Chef Gina Buskirk is well known for her brand, Gina’s Homemade, which includes fresh artisanal cheeses, biscotti, and bespoke cakes.  You can find her products in AJ’s, Whole Foods, and at the Scottsdale Farmers’ Market.  Chef Gina’s passion for cooking comes from her Italian roots and she still loves to cook pasta and rustic old world dishes more than anything else.   When cooking, Chef Gina cannot live without olive oil and garlic.

Here are some great recipes featuring Arizona ingredients and Chef Gina’s “can’t do without” ingredients.

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Chef Massimo De Francesca was born in Canada and currently serves as executive chef at Kimpton’s Taggia at FireSky Resort and Spa in Scottsdale.  Chef De Francesca has cooked all over the world and while classically trained his approach to food in inventive and innovative.   His favorite place to eat is in a park out of a picnic basket and his can’t live without ingredients are shallots, fresh herbs, lemons, olive oil, and sea salt.

Here are some great ways to use Chef De Francesca’s must-have ingredients to fill your family’s plate.

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Chef Eddie Castillo of AZ Food Crafters focuses on locally sourced ingredients to fill the amazing hand pies made from scratch that are the signature of AZ Food Crafters.  These pocket-style pies come filled with both sweet and savory ingredients like dark chocolate/blackberry jam and buffalo chicken and bleu cheese.  Chef Eddie is most at home cooking in the kitchen and his passion comes from watching others enjoy what he creates.  His can’t live without list includes fresh herbs, citrus, and quality meats.  Here are some great recipes featuring Chef Eddie’s locally grown must have ingredients.

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