9 Great Ways to Celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day

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Regardless your season of life, follow these tips to make it a memorable Valentine’s Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout the various stages of our life, Valentine’s Day is about different things to each of us.  When we are kids, it is about crushes and candy.  As we get older it is often a boon if we have a special someone or a bane if we do not.  Once we are settled, it offers a chance to rekindle, reconnect, or just romance your significant other.  Throughout all of these stages, there is one thing that is there no matter how many different ways we look at this day – and no, that one thing is not chocolate!  No matter where you are in your life or who you are or are not currently sharing it with, the one thing that Valentine’s Day is always about is love.

This year, no matter who you will be sharing the day with, shifting your focus from giving things to giving love, can turn just another “hallmark holiday” into a truly meaningful day.  Here are 9 great ways to celebrate Love this Valentine’s Day.

If you are single….

1.  Offer to babysit for married friends who could use a romantic night out.  Plan a fun-filled evening with your charges that includes making Valentine’s Day treats and a card or present for their parents.

2.  Gather up your single friends and have some fun.  You don’t have to be anti-  Valentine’s Day to spend the time with other single people.  You could go to the movies, head to the bowling alley, or organize a dinner party just for your single friends and their single friends.

3.  Celebrate your love for yourself by scheduling a day full of your favorite things.  You might get a massage or go for a hike, spend time with friends or with a good book.  Pick the things that make you smile, bring you joy, and that you don’t usually get to do just for you.

If you are married….

4.  Rather than an expensive night at a ritzy restaurant, make dinner together, for each other.  Start with a trip to the farmer’s market for fresh, locally grown ingredients and create a menu from some of our favorite Fill Your Plate Recipes that features both of your favorite foods.

5.  Celebrate being a family by including your children.  Pick activities centered around showing your love like volunteering together to show your love for the community, baking cookies for grandparents to show your love for them, or snuggling up together for a family movie marathon.

Regardless of your relationship status…..

6.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter and bring a small treat along to give out like homemade heart shaped cookies, heart shaped lollipops, boxes of conversation hearts, or even silly little Valentine’s Day cards.

7.  Send valentine cards and candy to our troops overseas and on Valentine’s Day visit your local VA hospital to give time and treats to our wounded warriors.

8.  Hand out those cheesy Valentine’s from elementary school to everyone you see.  You will brighten the day of almost everyone you see by making them feel special, reminding them of fond memories, or just making them smile.

9.  Skip the fresh flowers and plant seeds or give seedlings instead.  Rather than having to watch their beautiful Valentine’s bouquet wither and die, the special people in your life will get to see the symbol of your love for them grow.

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