7 Tips for the Perfect Poolside July 4th Party

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Check out these delicious ideas to fill your guests plates and make your July 4th cookout a success. (photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com)

July 4th is almost here and there is no better way to celebrate this patriotic event than by gathering together your family and friends for a poolside party.

Make sure your pool party is as perfect as possible by using our 10 tips that are sure to make your July 4th celebration the party of the summer.


  1. Picnic or Potluck

Choose how you plan to feed your guests before you send out invitations.  If you are planning to provide the food, make sure you let guests know if there is a “time” when the majority of the food will be served.  If you are going with a potluck party, set up a way for people to sign-up to bring things so that you don’t end up with all buns and no meat.   No matter which way you go, make sure you ask guests to notify you of any food allergies so you can make sure all the food, no matter who brings it, is properly labeled.


  1. Safe Swimming

Make sure you have the rules of your pool clearly posted and that everyone who decides to swim understands and follows the rules.


  1. Swimming Supervision

In addition to making sure everyone knows the rules, you may want to designate someone as the “swimming supervisor” or “lifeguard” for the day.  If there is a big crowd with games going on and music playing, children in the pool may not be as supervised as they need to be.  By designating someone to be in charge, you are ensuring everyone who enters your pool will be as safe as possible.


  1. Fun Out of the Sun

It is also a good idea to have something fun for people to do that is not pool-based and that is out of the sun.  This ensures that people who don’t want to swim are having fun too and offers the swimmers a sun-free alternative.


  1. Stock Up on Supplies

If we are talking about paper plates and plastic forks, it is better to have more on hand than you need than to not have enough.  Don’t forget to buy extra sunscreen, sunburn cream, and basic first aid supplies like Band-Aids too.


  1. Hydration Station

When we spend the day splashing and swimming in the water, it can be difficult to remember that we also need to be drinking water – just as we would need to if we were exerting ourselves doing something out of the water like hiking.  Help everyone remember that drinking water is also important by creating a hydration station featuring ice cold water, chilled slices of oranges and lemons, watermelon chunks, and any other treats you think your guests will love that will help them stay hydrated.


  1. Be Food Safe

Safety when you are poolside doesn’t stop with the pool rules.  You also need to make sure you and your guests are following basic summer food safety rules.   Basic food safety comes down to keeping hot foods hot, cold foods cold, and tossing anything that you aren’t sure is safe to eat.

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