6 Fun Agriculture Science Experiments For Kids

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



Looking for fun activities to occupy your kids this summer and help them learn something new? We have six different ag-related science experiments that will do just the trick!


  1. Grow an Avocado Tree


This experiment is so easy, and the kids will love watching their little avocado tree sprout and grow in your kitchen! With enough time, patience, sunlight, and water, you’ll be potting this plant in about a month.


  1. Greenhouse in a Soda Bottle


With the greenhouse like environment of a soda bottle, seeds will sprout much quicker with the retained moisture inside the bottle. Kids will enjoy helping put this little project together and watching the seed’s progress each day.


  1. Color Changing Flowers


I remember doing this experiment in elementary school and loving it! All you need is some white flowers, scissors, a cup, water, and some food coloring. Plus it makes a nice colorful centerpiece that your kids can make for your kitchen table!


  1. Ice Cream in a Bag


This is another one of my childhood favorites. It’s very simple and tasty, but can be time consuming. Make sure you have plenty of hands on deck to help you shake the bag so no one’s hands get too cold from the ice and rock salt!


  1. Make a Rubber Egg


This is a popular one! I did this years ago and thought it was so cool. Your kids will enjoy seeing the eggshell disappear over the allotted time and find this transformation fun and fascinating.


  1. Hydroponics


This one will take a little longer, but hey, you’ve got two whole months of summer break to do this with, right? This experiment will teach your kids how to grow plants in nutrient rich water instead of soil! It gives them a responsibility to check on it every day and helps them see another way that we can grow the food we eat every day.


Find more fun summer experiments and activities for kids on Fill Your Plate’s blog!

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