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The Importance of Soil

The quality of the soil impacts everything from what kind of food we can grow to the cleanliness of our water.

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Apples, Apples, Everywhere….Arizona Apples

Apple season is just around the corner and this year looks to be one for the history books.  Experts are predicting the third largest apple crop in U.S. History despite the fact that two of the primary apple producers, Michigan … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Farmers’ Market

National Farmers’ Market Week was held in recognition of the increasingly important role farmers’ markets play in our local and national food supply.  The number of farmers’ markets operating across the country has nearly doubled in the last 5 years and … Continue reading

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Can Prunes Help Whittle Your Waistline?

If most of us think of prunes at all, we think of them as something senior citizens eat because of their high fiber content.  But a new study may have everyone talking about prunes as the next weight loss “superfood”.   … Continue reading

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Mortimer Family Farms Sweet Corn Festival

Locally  owned Mortimer Family  Farms  invites the public to attend their Sweet  Corn  Festival  on  August  16 -17 & 23 -24 in  Dewey,  Arizona. This  festival  will feature everything  “CORN!”  Come for the “a-MAIZE-ing”  attractions, games,  farm activities, barn dance, … Continue reading

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