10 Different Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

By Sarah Hunt, AZFB Communications Intern



It’s officially pumpkin season! Visit a pumpkin patch and get your jack-o-lantern pumpkins at one of our Arizona farms listed on Fill Your Plate! But you don’t need to wait until a few days before Halloween to decorate your pumpkins. Buy a fake one too and try a few of these ideas. That way you can decorate all October long and bring the fun back every year!


  1. Thumb tacks: Make shapes or words with thumb tacks! Buy them in different colors or paint them. Spell your name, initials, or classic Halloween words, or you can make shapes like spider webs or black cats. They also make tracing the dotted line on a stencil for carving very easy.


  1. Flowers: Use a metal skewer to poke holes in the top or front of the pumpkin to insert the stems of your fake flowers, or use your pumpkin as a vase for real flowers.


  1. Glitter: Make designs with glitter glue, or put Modge Podge on your pumpkin and shower it with glitter! Get creative with it.


  1. Glow in the dark glue: Use glow in the dark glue to add a spooky feel to your jack-o-lantern and to avoid using a candle.


  1. Glue and paint: Apply glue in any shape you want to add texture, then paint over it to make it colorful.


  1. Paint: Painting your pumpkins is a very kid-friendly option and there are tons of cute ideas on how to paint them online. Pick your child’s favorite cartoon character and paint away!


  1. Carving: The traditional way to decorate your pumpkin (carving) doesn’t have to be elaborate or detailed to make it great! Try patterns or shapes instead of faces to mix it up.


  1. Add-Ons: You can have so much fun with this one. Add props to decorate your pumpkin and add to the fun. You can use glasses, wigs, googly eyes, smaller pumpkins to create Mickey ears, etc.


  1. Ribbons: Use ribbons to add patterns and cute bows to your pumpkin’s stem. You can curl your ribbons to look like vines or use them as a headband for your add-ons!


  1. Metallic spray paint: Spray paint your pumpkin a metallic color to make it shine all night.


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