Tips For Budget-Friendly Halloween Costumes


Sometimes, homemade costumes are more fun. (photo credit:

By Heide Kennedy, Arizona Farm Bureau Communications Intern

Let’s be honest. Buying new Halloween costumes every year because your kids have either outgrown their old ones or refuse to be seen in the same one as last year can get pricey.

Especially if you have multiple kids. Here are some tips on how to satisfy your kiddo’s desire for new costumes while making it easier on your wallet!

Go thrifting.

Often, you can find used costumes that people have donated after Halloween each year and only for a fraction of the cost of new costumes. Or you can be original and find unique pieces and create your own costume! You can even donate the costumes your kids have outgrown to help out the next bargain hunter!

Hand them down.

If you have multiple kids that are different ages and sizes, you can pass down the big kids’ costumes to the younger and smaller kids. That way, you can reduce the number of new costumes you need to buy and that costume from last year gets to be used more than once!

Create one from home.

This method was a favorite in my family because it required us to be creative and think outside the box. Dig through closets, raid the craft supplies, or go to the fabric store and DIY your way to an awesome costume! One year, my three brothers and I were able to recreate 4 characters from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph using only clothes and craft supplies we had at home!

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